20th Anniversary of The Continental Line, Inc.

Return to Mount Vernon
September 29 - 30, 2007

The Continental Line will celebrate its 20th Anniversary by returning to Mount Vernon, the home of our Commander-in-Chief. Designated a "Full Line" event, all member units are invited to come celebrate 20 years of our rich, historic interpretation.

George Washington


It is the fall of 1782, a year after the surrender at Yorktown. The news of American victory over the British has made its way through the countryside. Diplomatic discussions are underway to negotiate a treaty granting full independence to the American colonies. Although it will take several more months to complete this treaty, hope has been planted for the birth of this new nation. General Washington has opened his home to the American people for a weekend of festivities to honor this great accomplishment and to celebrate independence from the British. Troops, who have not been mustered out of the service, will demonstrate their military skills in honor of General Washington and the brave soldiers who fought for liberty.

The Continental Line, Inc.

Registered Units:

This is the current list of living history units that will be attending the Return to Mount Vernon.

American units

  • 1st Continental Regiment
  • 1st Maryland Regiment
  • 1st New Hampshire Regiment
  • 1st New Jersey Regiment
  • 1st Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 1st Virginia Regiment
  • 2nd Massachusetts Regiment
  • 2nd New Jersey Regiment, Helm's Coy
  • 2nd North Carolina Regiment
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 2nd Regiment Light Dragoons, Tallmadge's Troop
  • 2nd South Carolina Regiment
  • 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, Light Coy
  • 5th Connecticut Regiment
  • 5th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 6th Connecticut Regiment
  • 6th Maryland Regiment
  • 6th North Carolina Regiment
  • 6th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 7th Virginia Regiment
  • 10th Massachusetts Regiment, Light Coy
  • 10th Virginia Regiment
  • 11th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 13th Continental Regiment
  • 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment
  • Coren's Independent Artillery
  • Danver's Alarm List Company
  • Doughty's Artillery Coy
  • German Regiment
  • Lexington Training Band
  • Mott's Artillery Coy
  • New Jersey Militia, Heard's Brigade
  • Pennsylvania State Regiment
  • Proctor's Pennsylvania Artillery Coy
  • Selin's Rifle Coy
  • United Train of Artillery
  • Von Heer's Provost Corps
  • Wayne's Light Infantry Corps, Maryland Company
  • Whitcomb's Rangers

French unit

  • Régiment de Saintonge

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