20th Anniversary of The Continental Line, Inc.

Event Schedule

The event schedule will be posted this summer, but in the meantime, here are some of the activities we are planning for this special event.

Party Like it's 1782!

Plans for this festive 20th Anniversary celebration Saturday evening include live 18th century music, dancing, liquid refreshments, and birthday cake for all!


We'll have a special tribute to those members of the Continental Line who have contributed their time and energy above and beyond the call of duty to make our organization successful for the past 20 years.

Military Activities

The historic scenario for this event is to celebrate the military victory over General Cornwallis' army at Yorktown, and the soon-to-be ratified Peace Treaty. We will form battalions to stage military programs consisting of battalion maneuvers and drill, musket firing, artillery firing, tactical demonstrations, similar in scope to the 1999 Mount Vernon encampment.

The Continental Line, Inc.

Mt. Vernon

Distaff Activities

We plan to have a variety of programs for the ladies of the Continental Line, whose participation has contributed greatly to the success of our organization.

Educate Thyself

Visit Mt. Vernon's new Museum and Education Center that opened in October. These facilities illuminate the chapters of Washington's life including early adulthood, military leadership, and the presidency. There are interactive displays, a new movie, short films, immersive experiences, and a comprehensive collection of more than 700 objects including Revolutionary War artifacts, rare books and manuscripts, and other personal effects of the Washington family. The museum includes three life-size wax models created by a team of artists and forensic experts that depict Washington as never before seen, including as the Revolutionary War general astride his white horse at Valley Forge. Uniforms and clothing for these three figures were made by our own Henry Cooke.

Play Ball

According to historian and author Tom Melville, cricket was the most popular team sport in America in the 18th century and was introduced in America by 1709. General Washington reportedly played the game with his soldiers at Valley Forge. For those interested, Mr. Melville has volunteered to instruct and organize the game for us at this event.

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